Kristen bell was born in Michigan in United States in 1980. Her father is the director for television news in WOAI-TV and her mother is a registered nurse. She was 2 years of age when her parents divorced. She has two step sisters from her father’s second marriage and four siblings from her mother’s second marriage. Bell’s acting career started early when her parents decided to take her out from Burton elementary school and put her into Shrine Catholic High School. She bagged quite a few accolades for the roles she did for school production such as ‘THE Wizard of Oz’, ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ etc. In 1998 she was voted the Best Looking Girl in the School by the senior school votes. Bell has a lazy eye which she inherited from her mother.

There is also the haunted Pantages theater, built in 1949 by Howard Hughes. Hughes used an office in the building for his own personal business, but eventually he sold off the building along with quite a lot of his other possessions.

I am a musician. Sanjaya can definitely sing, but he lacks the knowledge of using his voice to win this competition. He doesn’t need to “win” this competition just to have a career. Once you are in the top 12, if you are good, your career is usually set. Voting for him just because he is the worst singer, is foolish. No one in America will buy a CD from the worst singer-if they were stupid enough to force a win. Sanjaya has to “FEEL” the music more. He is singing like, he’s in the shower, or a high school talent show. He is in his own world, and not singing to prove himself to the audience. If he does win,(which will prove America is absolutely stupid) then American Idol is dead, Simon said it himself on Extra, and I am with Simon.

Mind you, this is a stupid name change since Sweeney Todd happens to be the name of a British fictional serial killer and title of a about said serial killer. If I really wanted to remain in secrecy while I extract my revenge against Judge Turpin and his Beadle, I should have gone with a less famous name like Bob Smith. At this rate, I might have been better off changing my name to OJ Simpson. At least with a name like that, I will be regarded by the public as a murderer, but at least I’d get away with it.

The Red Maple Inn also offers Amish-style dinners on the first and third Friday of each month. A local Mennonite resident and her family prepare the dinner with a menu that is typically served at an Amish wedding. Dinner items include salad (either cole slaw, fresh romaine with strawberries or tossed greens), breaded chicken, roast beef, mashed potatoes with gravy, stuffing, seasonal vegetables, fresh baked rolls and dessert (which could include pies, cracker pudding, date & nut pudding, apple dumplings or layer cake) in addition to coffee or iced tea.

For those craving comedy, don’t forget about the “Keep it Clean Comedy” show, every Monday at 9:30 p.m. at the 1739 Public House. It’s April and baseball season has begun, as the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs and NBA playoffs begin. Catch the games on multiple televisions throughout the establishment.

Sweeney: Let this be a lesson for everyone: When you need help in relieving your need for revenge, killing random people and baking them into pies is not only therapeutic, but profitable. And that is the lesson of “Sweeney Todd.” The End.

Sundance was cut because he had an appalling night. The audience quickly forgot that Brandon wasn’t the only one who forgot his words on Tuesday night and he’s alot more talented than Sanjaya or Chris R.

Hairspray: This is one of my personal favorites. This is set in the 1960s and is full of racial tension. This has a great message and is very entertaining. Also, the main character is not the typical “popular” girl. She becomes popular because of her personality, rather than her looks. The characters learn that the personality is more important than what is on the outside.

There is a motto that we heard often during our childhood and although I’m certain it was not meant as a life lesson, I do believe we might learn from it.

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