Basic Computer: Microsoft Office Usage

Basic Computer: Microsoft Office Usage

Microsoft Office is a fundamental application on computers that is essential in almost every aspect of work. This training covers word processing using Microsoft Word, spreadsheet management using Microsoft Excel, and presentation creation using Microsoft PowerPoint.

Topics Covered

Microsoft Word:

  1. Typing and formatting text and paragraphs.
  2. Creating tables.
  3. Inserting images.
  4. Creating letters.
  5. Creating charts.

Microsoft Excel:

  1. Introduction to cells (adding and subtracting cells).
  2. Using basic mathematical formulas (addition, subtraction, division, multiplication).
  3. Introduction to symbols used.
  4. Application of formulas used in Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft PowerPoint:

  1. Introduction to slides and their settings.
  2. Inserting images.
  3. Creating animations.

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